PIA AND THE Waterfall of Creativity: VOLUME 2

In Pia and the Waterfall of Creativity we learn that Princess’ parents were once the King and Queen of Earth, but one day they disappeared from Dreamworld forever. Promising to find a way for them to return, Sky’s dictator Chance tricked Charming into giving her control of the Waterfall of Creativity — the kingdom’s trove of powerful magic— and making Chance Dreamworld’s most powerful imagician.

Pia also delves deeper into the historical mystery of King Richard II when Mr. Smith takes Pia’s class on a plant safari to Old Fox Park. Only Pia and her best friend Finn know that that the class is unknowingly helping Mr. Smith find clues to where King Richard hid the key to the kingdom. But what Pia doesn’t realize is that Gemma is hot on their trail and is helping her treasure-hunting father, Mr. Malstrom, to try and find Richard’s riches first…

Available in English