Pia and the Magic Ribbon: Volume 1


Pia and the Magic Ribbon is part one of a trilogy. This first volume immerses us in Pia’s thrilling journey of discovery after she moves with her multicultural family to a new home in London. Pia’s metropolitan parents are busy with their work. But she uses her own vivid imagination to gain the knowledge and confidence to make her way in a strange city, and to discover fantastic new worlds.

This story of a 10-year old girl’s adventures is a modern fairytale. In Pia’s waking world she is the new girl at school, who gets swept up in a bid to unravel a great mystery from England’s ancient past. And Pia’s Dreamworld is the one that she enters at night with a magic ribbon that her Grandmother (Gram) gives her on her birthday. There she meets a cast of larger-than-life characters who take her on a set of heart-stopping adventures…

Available in English and German

Illustrations by Philippe Boonen


Cast of Characters


Pia is growing up fast.  She is 10 years old and a jumble of contradictions: both shy and bold.  But she learns to blaze her own trail as she settles into her new home.  To help her she draws on her surprising powers of imagination.


William Wordsmith

William is Pia’s mentor and friend in Dreamworld.  He is half human, half fox, and a Wordsmith by trade.  William is a constant source of hope and inspiration to Pia and her guide in Dreamworld.



Princess is the beautiful Governor of Earth.  She is like a sister to Pia.  Princess is torn between her duty to preserve the utopian peace that reigns in Earth and the risky task of undoing the cruel Tri-Empire Treaty that forcibly divides the three Empires of Dreamworld.  Princess also struggles with her unfulfilled love for Charming.



Chance is the Dictator of Sky.  She annexed Water’s collective stock of magic.  Chance is blind to the wishes of others or the good of Dreamworld.  She is obsessed with hoarding and showing off her own magic power, often with cruel consequences.  She has bound all the Tri-Empires to abide by a Treaty that keeps them apart and powerless to challenge her dominion.